1. The soft underside or abdomen of an animal.
  2. An area vulnerable to attack: “these multinationals have a soft underbelly”.

Local Food Writing, Local Chefs Collaborative & Part Cook Book

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Underbelly is a quarterly publication from some random underground supper club in Asheville, NC. It features a complete focus on food and beverage writing, food inspired travelogue, haikus on goat slaughter, local artwork, pig cartoons, pristine photography, secret underground treasure maps, complete street guides to surviving The Tenderloin in San Francisco, plenty of non-understandable rants from angry chefs, and one of a kind recipes from chefs and cooks alike of Asheville. Our quarterly is a full-color, meticulously designed and beautifully arranged magazine crafted by our in-house creative director and local Asheville artists. It will also feature in-depth information on Blind Pig (including secret or/or hidden passwords; so the subscriber can the first in the door at all future dinner events)! Each quarterly issue will have a specific topical focus on  local and regional food culture.

Singular issues will also be available soon for purchase at certain retail locations in Asheville.

This is real food writing, beautiful photography, unique stories of food and culture and raw journalism uninhibited.

Issue #1 is in print 11/19/12-11/27/2012 and are distributed by 11/29/2012*

The Heritage Farm Issue includes the following stories:

“Southern Like Tomatoes”- Mackensy Lunsford
“Old Ham”- Mackensy Lunsford
“Are We Faking It?”- Aaron Manter
“More than Jiggering”- Cynthia Turner
“Drinking Bacon”- Anne-Fitten Glenn
“Where the Cows Still Come Home” – Mike Moore
“Off The Map- in Eastern NC” - NC Historian Frank White
“Pee On Your Beans”- Mike Moore
“The Secret of The Stump”- Mike Moore
“Recipe for Pork Vindaloo”- Chef Meherwan Irani

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